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The Project Time Management Process in Business


The project time management process has been dubbed by many business leaders as the most important process for business success. Needless to say, having a planned project schedule is important for the project’s creation.

This time management process describes how to monitor and carefully control the time that will be spent for the accomplishment of the project. Time should be emphasized in project management because wasted time means lower profitability. The range of time allotted for project completion is known as the project schedule.

During the planning phase, the project schedule should be decided already, and it should be documented in the plan, together with the activities that should be done to finish the project. The time schedule will be the primary tool for the team to know what they must do for the day. The schedule will guide them in implementing their planned activities.

Project managers are the ones who will monitor the progress of the project. They would look into the time management plan to know if the activities were done at the right time and if they are properly following the schedule. With the use of a management time plan, it would be very difficult for the managers to monitor the progress of the project. The improvement of the project means that the performance of the project team is good.

The time schedule should include the step-by-step procedures on how to use timesheets and Time Management Logs. These tools are used to record the time spent. The time plan is a document that presents the activities of the team with a particular time planned for each activity, but every after activity, the starting time and end time need to be documented as well. This is done to monitor if the time plan was followed.

With the use of project management time management tools, the project team can control their work and the amount of time they should spend in every activity they will do for the project completion. It is up to the staff on how they will work, as long as they could finish their certain tasks on time, and they are following the step-by-step process documented in the project management plan.

It definitely requires effective project management skills to be able to pull off a project on time. Project time management should be updated regularly so that the activities of the project team can be monitored properly, as well as the time spent on each activity. Time management could definitely help the project team to manage their working hours and the activities that should be done for each day of work.

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