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The Create Your Own Business and Strategic Leadership Skills


Because the world’s economy has been in a bit of a recession recently, many people have gone further into debt in the business. Prices of real estate have been dropping throughout the country and stock prices have been plummeting. Although the economy isn’t the greatest right now, this is actually the best time to start a business. Because of the low prices everywhere, all you have to do is use the power of the internet and anyone can create their own business, even you.

When the economy slumps, entrepreneurs tend to pop up everywhere because many people are laid off, they turn to create their own part-time business in order to create more income to survive. When the economy finally goes up again, if you have your own business, you can only benefit. So it would be in your best interest to create a business while it’s the cheapest and make your profits while you can.

There are many benefits to owning a business online. Earning money is one of the most obvious reasons, the harder you work the more you make. This is completely different than being an employee because when you are an employee, it doesn’t matter how hard you work. If you work hard or your hard work, you will be paid the same regardless.

Working really hard in your business and getting paid the full benefit for doing so is a much smarter decision. Would you rather work hard as an employee your entire life or become a business owner and do a portion of the work for twice the benefits? The solution is obvious.

It doesn’t matter if you are inexperienced, if you are a little aged, what your race or background is, everyone can be a business owner. If you’re willing to put in the work or pay others to do the work, then your business can be a success. All you have to do is hit gold once and you will be rewarded with your wildest dreams. The only factor that causes success or failure is your ability to never give up. If you persist, then success is inevitable.

Also, it is commonplace these days to learn leadership skills for business from the explorers of the past. In this thinking, we’ll take a look at three skills that Sir Ernest Shackle ton experienced during his various attempts to reach the South Pole.

The first strategic leadership skill necessary for any head of an enterprise is establishing clearly what the vision/goal of the enterprise actually is. Shackle ton established reaching the South Pole is one of his key goals, but it was also necessary to incorporate various scientific endeavors too. Once the vision/goal for a company is set then all other plans product innovation strategy decisions and hiring needs to be done in such a way as to progress the company closer to the ultimate goal.

Shackle ton also realized that any trip to the South Pole was being done for the sake of the scientific community as well as the public at large. The scientific element of their trips actually financed the various supplies and wages necessary to get them there. In business, you always need to realize for whom you are actually doing the work, whether this is customers and/or stakeholders, and make sure that their needs are also being catered for.

The final key element understands what capabilities are going to be necessary in order to excel at achieving this task. For Shackle ton, he realized that the people who were employed and the supplies they brought with them are going to be key to their success and are safe in return. In business, employees should be hired just as stringently and should incorporate key skills or a broad range of skills which the company may require at short notice if the markets change rapidly.

Modern business executives could learn a lot of leadership skills from exploration in general duty criticality of planning for every eventuality or at least having plenty of strategic plans put in place should severe changes in the environment/context occur.

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