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Malpractice Attorney Confronts Major Issues in the Healthcare Industry


Malpractice attorneys around the nation have been dealing with an incremental amount of medical malpractice cases in recent years. One of the major trends in providing the platform for medical malpractice to occur is the high price of medical insurance coupled with the increasing cost of medical malpractice insurance.

The fact that it costs so much money to cover both ends of the spectrum of health care is the biggest issue the medical care currently faces. Individuals literally cannot afford health care for their families and are forced either to forgo treatment, worsening their current conditions, or try to attend a free clinic. The problem with free clinics is that they are very limited in their capabilities and the number of patients they can see per day is very limited.

In doing this people who cannot afford medical care in the first place are forced to skip work and wait in long lines usually being unsuccessful. Most of the time the free clinics will have to refer patients to other doctors because they do not have the manpower nor technical power to help. Malpractice attorneys are seeing this trend force a greater distance from the working poor to the middle class. This gap is aiding to the delinquency of our current health care program, as more and more people cannot afford health care.

On the other side of this matter are the doctors, whose cost of medical malpractice insurance keeps increasing, literally forcing them out of their practice. Individual practitioners cannot afford to keep their practice running with their insurance bill per month being $50,000 or greater. This forces doctors to resort to other measures to try to reduce costs, such as decreasing their technology and equipment. The health care industry is like a bubble that is about to burst, and hopefully, after the last year, Presidential Election changes will be made.

Malpractice attorneys are urging victims of medical malpractice to step out and talk about their experiences. We can only learn from our mistakes, so if we have all of the available information as to what was done wrong we can start to make strides to make things right again. In these trying economic times, no side of the equations has the time or money to afford occurrences of medical malpractice. From the increase in insurance costs and lawsuit costs to settlement figures and loss of wages no one has the extra income to afford these extraneous costs.

Malpractice attorneys around the nation are coming together to gain awareness on the pressing issue of medical malpractice. If our health care system comes together as a whole and figures out a reliable solution to this matter, everyone involved will benefit. In order to do these victims of medical malpractice need to share their experiences so that we can learn from our mistakes. If you or a loved one has been directly affected by an act of medical malpractice, contact a malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

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