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Can a Georgia Family Law Attorney Help Reduce My Child Support Payments


Very often couples that have gone through divorce or separation proceedings in the Georgia court system need to have their settlement agreements modified or changed due to a variety of reasons. If you have child support payments that were determined during your divorce proceedings, you will need to continue with the set amount until you have legally had the terms modified to meet your new financial situation. If you are having difficulty meeting your court-ordered financial responsibility you need to obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

Georgia Child Support Payment Modification

There have been recent changes under Georgia law that directly affects the amount of child support payments that would be required each month from one or both parents. The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) and Georgia Department of Human Services (GDHS) work together to ensure that the financial support of a child or children is met as directed during divorce proceedings. Georgia child support payment modification is a complex legal action. It is critical to have legal counsel that not only knows Georgia law but that also has a good working relationship with DCSS and the GDHS.

Child Support Financial Responsibility Guidelines

Under Georgia law, the court system looks at all facts concerning a parent’s ability to make child support payments. An experienced child support payment modification lawyer will assist you to obtain all data needed for review. The Georgia Child Support Commission uses specific data to determine if a parent is able to have their child support payment modified. Retaining an attorney at Coleman, Chambers & Rogers will ensure you have chosen a law team that is fully versed on the Georgia Child Support Guidelines Statute; their legal expertise is essential for a positive outcome of your legal request for child support payment modification.

Georgia Child Support Payment Modification Attorneys

During your original divorce proceedings, financial information was gathered to determine a parent’s child support responsibility. During a child support payment modification hearing, the same information will be thoroughly reviewed.  The Court will review in detail what changes have occurred that affect your financial situation, which includes your income, loss of income, inability to pay due to medical and health issues, change of child’s primary home, and numerous other situations that directly affect your ability to meet your previous child support requirements.

Georgia’s child support payment laws are complex and having an experienced law team on your side is necessary to complete and file the proper forms for review as well as for representation in Georgia’s Court system. When financial changes affect your ability to meet child support payments it is time to have your status reviewed for child support payment modification. Call the Gainesville, GA family law attorneys at Coleman, Chambers & Rogers today for a free consultation.

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