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8 Effective Packing Tips for the Cold Season


Winter holidays are great, whether you intend to spend them skiing or photographing the Aurora Borealis. Most probably you already know what you want to pack for cold weather; thick woollen scarves, your best Chester Jefferies gloves, comfy sweaters and warm wool socks. Your biggest problem is finding the right size of a suitcase.
We know how this feels. All suitcases seem too small to accommodate all these bulky winter clothes you can’t do without. Thanks to our little tricks though, you can look cool and feel warm without exceeding your luggage limit.

1. Pack Thermal Underwear
Even though they might look just like your grandmother’s undies, thermals are actually an excellent choice when it comes to the winter holidays. They will keep you warm, saving you from packing bulky clothes. You can also wear your thermals underneath lighter tops and stylish tights, so you’ll have the right outfits even for fancy places such as Stockholm or Vancouver.

2. Wear Your Bulkiest Cloths on the Plane
Going to a freezing cold place calls for taking a big, warm coat and some solid boots. This doesn’t mean, though, that you must cram all these into your suitcase. Make sure you wear your heaviest clothes on the plane, thus saving room for other outfits and accessories. Airports and planes are usually very well chilled, so you won’t be too hot by any means.

3. Roll Your Clothes to Save Space
This is an effective method to accommodate more clothes inside your bag. Rather than folding your clothes, roll them up to minimise creasing and to minimise unused gaps.

4. Always Wear Sunscreen
Sunscreen may not be the first thing to come to your mind when packing for a winter holiday. However, if you’re heading off to a snowy destination, you’ll need some reliable sun protection. Skiing, particularly, can cause severe sunburn, as the snowy slopes will reflect sun rays making them even stronger.

5. Layer Up
You may be tempted to pack your heaviest clothing items when preparing for a cold-weather holiday. But, wearing layers is a smarter choice. You can pile up several layers to keep you warm. This will enable you to mix and match colours and outfits much easier.

6. Choose a Narrow Colour Palette
Staying stylish in cold weather calls for wearing a lot of blacks. By sticking to a dark and neutral colour palette, you’ll have an easier time creating stylish outfits by using fewer clothing items. You can pair your dark jeans and your black coat with anything you want.

7. Bring One Good Pair of Boots
One pair of stylish boots would be more than enough to keep you warm along the way. Such boots work with any style and type of outfit, so you don’t need to pack any other heavy shoes. Should you plan a trip to Iceland or other such outdoorsy destinations, you may need more than one pair of boots. If you must take a second pair of boots, consider filling them with rolled-up socks and other smaller clothing items, in order to use all the available space.

8. Choose the Right Accessories
Most people overlook accessories when packing for their winter holidays. However, the right accessories can make a huge difference. Wool linings and special touchscreen fingertips, for instance, will allow you to access your favourite travel apps without putting up with frozen fingers. Colourful scarves and fashion jewellery will enable you to create new looks out of the same outfits. Accessories are definitely worth not forgetting when packing for the cold season.

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