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5 Out of Box Indo Western Fashion for Girls


Indo western dresses, apparently effortless in their fusion, connect almost automatically to the fancy of every modern girl. You may belong to a small-town or live a busy city life. These special dresses would definitely make you happy wherever you are. Spread joy for what is the meaning of being beautiful anyway! Adore your loveliness in the mirror and enjoy the sparkle of appreciation in the eyes of your loved one.

As the festive season is very close now, sort by the fantastic collection at your favorite online store. In fact, this particular fashion segment has some of the freshest designs to pick, with plenty of options at hand. It can actually seem confusing with so many options. You may want to focus on a particular sub-segment, of blending the traditional Kurtis with western attires. The following selection of Indo western kurti ensemble should bring a smile to you by their pure beauty. Please have a look.

Sweet and Svelte Layering for College Students: Traditional kurtis typically has hemlines that reach below the knees, even up to the ankles. These modern designs are open to experimentation and fresh styling, especially to suit the needs of petite college girls looking for something sexier than the normal attire.
Try this dress that extends only up to a few inches above the knees, but still carry the ethnicity with a flourish at the back extending almost to the ankle level. Pairing bright colors such as pink side-by-side with a dull Grey effectively balances the look. Flaunt those beautiful legs and wear stilettos or pencil-top heels with this one.

Deep Blue Royal Kurtis Pairing with Ghaghra: Embroidered all over with gold threads, the deep blue full-length Kurti is a dress fit for the royal in you. A perfect garment to attend solemn ceremonies, it flows from the lower bust level up to the ground level. Pair it with silk palazzo pants or with a ghagra of the same color. It also offers the perfect occasion for wearing ethnic jewelry such as jhumkas and bindis. Recently, the amazing diva Karishma Kapoor wore a similar one at a popular reality dance show, appearing as a guest judge.
Two-in-One Sky Blue Crepe Kurti: This gracefully vivacious dress fuses the ethnicity of the embroidered Indian top with the graceful drop of a European skirt. Made with crepe, the long flares impart a most beautiful fall. Wear it with paired leggings and sport traditional or western jewelry confidently. The elaborate embroidery at the bust imparts an unmistakable royal aura to the garment. The design sports a lovely open back making sure that adoring eyes follow you as the cynosure of the evening event.
The High Low Kurti: The High-Low skirt design essentially refers to the styling where the front part of the dress sports a higher hemline than the back part. Incorporating this design element into ethnic sensibilities creates this simplistic Indo western Kurti that is perfect for everyday use, without missing out on the fashion value. It is also called a tail-cut Kurti, but that is not a very ladylike thing to say about a dress! Anyways, you get the idea. Ladies can pair this one with their favorite denim or with leggings of compatible color and designs. It may not be the perfect choice for attending a formal occasion but is the right dress if you want to wear graceful fusion dresses all the time without a worry.
Vintage White and Blue Ethnic Style: Beautifully blending the Arabian style of dressing with Western sensibilities, this vintage garment definitely holds a special place in Indo Western dresses. It reaches up to the ankles and has an attached shrug to it. This should be the perfectly graceful choice for middle-aged women. Of course, age is just a number for the open-minded and college girls can sport it too.
All of these amazing designs and much more are available online. All you have to do is to keep a close look on your favorite online page. Fusion fashion practically offers umpteen numbers of new design choices and you should definitely be able to find the one that fits your senses best. These serve as fantastic additions to the wardrobe, bringing in the much-needed fresh air when you want to try something exclusively for a special occasion.

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