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We advise you to have a travel bag with at least 1 pocket on the belt, 1 stash pocket inside the bag, a backpack with 2 compartments and 3 external pockets minimum.

What coating for your backpack?

A good coating of your backpack will allow you to travel more often without changing your backpack. As for the sturdiness of the backpack, we advise you to opt for polyester which is more rigid and more solid.

Even if your backpack is not 100% waterproof, you will still have the option of having a rain cover. It is usually included in the bag. Remember to check at the time of your purchase. With the anti-theft travel backpack in you will have the best choices now.

What is the ideal weight for your travel bag?

The weight of your travel bag depends on the volume and the comfort you want. The larger and more comfortable your backpack, the heavier it will be. Bags above 60-70 liters can weigh between 2 and 3kg (empty bag). Avoid taking a backpack weighing more than 3.5 kg.

Beyond the weight of the backpack, you must distribute the loads correctly in the bag. We give you some tips on how to properly distribute your travel bag:

Along the back: the heaviest items.
The lower part of the bag: place the objects and items useful for the day.
The middle part of the backpack: the things you don’t use during the day are to be stored here.
The upper zone and the external pockets: your light belongings and objects to be used frequently.
In conclusion, the ideal weight of a travel bag is between 1.5 kg and 3 kg depending on the volume. The final weight of your backpack can be bearable if you distribute your things well.
What are the comfortable straps of a bag?

We recommend padded suspenders to better support the weight of the travel bag and to have more comfort. The padding system helps to absorb the pressure of the weight on your shoulders and to maintain your lower back. Before choosing the best travel bag, make sure the shoulder straps are thick and the padding in one piece.

Also, the belt of your backpack can be padded. We advise you to choose this type of option on the belt for better comfort.
We hope this buying guide will help you choose the right travel backpack. Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions and comments regarding your travel backpacks.
For a first trip alone or with friends, you can ask yourself the question between a backpack and a wheeled suitcase. We advise you to choose a travel backpack. Indeed, the travel backpack has several advantages:

High mobility: with a backpack, you can walk on any terrain, without having difficulty crossing it. You will also have your hands free to be able to take photos, film or even complete a document … On the other hand; wheeled suitcases are difficult to move in case of muddy, sandy or stairways…

A multitude of pockets and storage: in your travel backpack, you will find many pockets inside the bag as well as outside. They allow you to store different types of objects and hide certain precious objects. You can easily access an external pocket to quickly retrieve a paper or an object.

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