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Examination of Business Investment Opportunities and How to Get Clients to Pay You


While looking for business investment proposals both in newspapers and websites, it is most important to be wary of those who ask for an investment of huge amounts of money on your part for imparting training or helping you to set up your business. These kinds of websites are deterrent to your enthusiasm to invest in the business.

But one should never lose heart and continue looking for websites and which are genuine and legal and offer a good return on your investment. It is important to be extremely selective and critical in the examination of the business investment opportunities as all are not what they prima facie reveal.

The first stage before investing one’s money should always be research work. One should not hesitate to ask questions about the business in which you want to invest. Rather you should be bold enough to ask for contact numbers of other people investing in the same business and should clear all your doubts by talking both to other investors as well as asking questions to the business providers. You should also make sure that the investment fee is as written in the advertisement and there are no hidden charges to be paid at a later stage.

The last and final place to contact before plunging into a new business is to contact the Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau will be in a position to inform you whether the business provides is a legitimate company and in case there are any lawsuits or complaints pending against it. After satisfying yourself from all angles, you can invest in any company which is both profit-generating and rewarding which in turn will help you lead the life you so desire.

Also, I have a buddy who is a Seattle criminal lawyer. The other day I was having lunch with him and he was telling me a bunch of sob stories he has with his clients. No, it’s not that kind of a sob story, where the case is bad. The sob story was his – he was doing all this work for people and he wasn’t getting paid for it. I told him how to get his money, and then I thought I’d tell all of you.

First things first, get the fee agreement in writing. Typically when you are doing a criminal case it is a flat fee, meaning the entire fee is earned upfront and paid upfront (at least in theory). To make sure everyone understands what their obligations are it is important to get this in writing. This will be very handy later if your client “forgets” what the arrangements were.

Second, don’t take the client’s word that they are going to pay you. It’s not that they will intentionally lie to you (they will) but they will tell you pretty much anything you want to hear to get the help they need. Remember that these people are facing jail typically. They will worry about their inability to pay you after they make sure they aren’t going to jail.

Two ways to help ensure payment are getting a credit card number that you can run each month on an agreed to date, or get a set of postdated checks for the amount of the fee that you can cash on an agreed to the date. Most people won’t write bad checks and don’t see a credit card payment as hurting their bottom line. You get paid and they get help. Everyone wins.

Finally, if you are a criminal lawyer, you are going to have to get over the fact that you might be hurting someone’s feelings. What I mean is, when people don’t pay, or a check bounces, or a credit card payment doesn’t go through, you have to be ready to call them up and ask for your money. You have to be ready to let them know this criminal attorney doesn’t work for free and if they can’t pay you’ll have to get out of the case. It’s like I told my buddy, you can either be a jerk or a punk that’s not getting paid. Which would you rather be?

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