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6 Must Have Accessories to Create the Perfect Vanity Room


A room that functions as a designated beauty space is a luxurious and powerful addition for a home, as it creates an area that is the epitome of glamour- for you to spend time getting ready for the day or a night on the town. Vanity rooms, which were originally a staple of classical vintage homes, are now undergoing a resurgence in modern homes- enabling homeowners to design the perfect vanity room tailored to them. Formerly, vanity rooms used to be a space near the master bath where you could enjoy sitting under the lights and mirrors, and often featured a small bench or chair and ample storage to keep your makeup, hair styling tools and accessories. Yet as modern bathrooms have become smaller, homeowners have started to designate separate spaces to incorporate vanities. From a modern, glamorous interior to Old Hollywood luxury- these are we buy any home’s 6 must have accessories to create the perfect vanity room.

  1. A Huge, Gorgeous Mirror:

Without the addition of the mirror, you simply have an ordinary work area. Adding a mirror is not only an essential for you to see yourself getting ready but is also crucial for adding drama. Depending on preference whether that be antique mirrors, light up mirrors or a simple style- something that reflects ample light is necessary.

  1. The Vanity Itself:

There are so many varying styles of dressers to choose from. From completely mirrored dressers, white wood or perspex dressers- the choice is completely up to you. Perhaps bear in mind three things: the size of the dresser that will compliment and fit the room, the maintenance of the dresser (for example a completely mirrored dresser will require a lot more cleaning), and your overall vision for the room in terms of patterns, colour and texture feels.

  1. Fabulous Lighting:

The world of beauty constantly reminds us that natural light is the best light to work with when applying makeup- however many light fixtures offer the right lighting too, and there are ones in every style. A pro tip: you want your light fixture to create direct light at your face, and not from above as that will cast shadows on your face and present a distorted application of makeup.

  1. Comfy Seating:

It tends to be the most beautifully constructed chairs that are the least comfy, so perhaps investing in a small bench or vanity stool is beneficial. Comfortability is key in this aspect of the vanity room, and you may also think about something that improves your posture as its easier to apply makeup and style hair with great posture.

  1. Personalisation:

This is your vanity area, so don’t be afraid to personalise the area and add things that make you happy. Pictures of loved ones, vision boards, memories such as concert tickets or holiday passes may put a smile on your face, and remember, our smiles are our best accessory!

  1. Storage:

Be sure to either invest in a dresser with a few tables, or make sure you have organisers at hand for those little items. It’s the perfect way to keep your area looking clean and organised while having everything you need at hand.

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