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10 Fashionable Looks for This Winter


With a new season comes exciting trends to try out. Here are 10 fashionable looks to consider for this winter.

Monochromatic suits

Monochromatic looks have made a comeback into the fashion world and are currently serving dominance in the industry. Also, these suits are built for any occasion, from office wear to evening wear. For the best results, couple this outfit with a pair of funky heels and a bold clutch bag.

PU leather coats

Another trending outfit is the PU leather coat. It’s classical and an excellent servant to not only beat the cold but also keep you stunning. To get the best out of this outfit, pair it with a miniskirt or a slim-line pair of trousers. You can go as far as making a dress out of this outfit. To do this, button the coat and use a belt to create a waistline along the waist. The best shades of this coat are blue, black, grey, and brown.

Wide leg trousers

When it’s cold, you’ll be looking for something trendy, warm and comfortable, that’s what wide-leg trousers do. For an even more stylish look, tuck the trousers into a pair of boots to create a soldier-like look. Tucking in your trousers to make this look classic and rocky. The best versions of such trousers have combat prints or have cowgirl designs. The best hues for this dress are blue, combat, beige, and lava red.

Maxi coats

Maxi coats are the perfect winter wear-longer than you’re your knees and just above the ankle. Additionally, they are perfect to not only brighten your cold days but also turn a few heads outdoors and at parties. To get the best out of this look, throw in your favorite boots, turtle neck, and beanie hat.

Slouch boot

Slouch boots are set to knock socks boots of the throne. They are known for their slouchy nature and cowboy-like nature. Slouch boots come in different sizes, shapes, prints, etc. While they might look like an 80’s trend, these boots are trendy than you might think. Slouch boots blend well with womens raincoat, oversized blazers, and t-shirts.

Tiger prints

With every season comes a new animal print that dominates the fashion industry- this season, its tiger prints. Tiger prints give an outfit a fresh yet frunk look that is monochromatic in nature. Tiger prints blend well with black, thus giving your dress a high contrast look.

Faux leather leggings

Faux leather leggings have been around for ages. They can complement any outfit that you can think of, from skirts to dresses and even trousers. On top of that, they are warm and comfortable on the legs.

Long winter dresses

Another trend to add to your repertoire this season is long winter dresses. For a trendy look, go for a ribbed sweater. They are not only warm but also designed to bring out the shape of your body. Complement this look with chunky boots, a chunky coat, or women’s raincoat.

Metal handbags

Metal handbags are an excellent way to complete your outfit. They are detailed and can go with anything from a dressy outfit to a casual outfit. Further, they are well detailed and come in various designs, shapes, and colors.

Pairing brown with blue

The last trend in this list is a color pair, brown and blue. If you are wondering which color trend has rocked the season, then it’s brown and blue. On top of that, this look allows you to incorporate belts, bags, and more leather into your ensemble.

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