Boots No7 Speed Dry – Beanie – beige nail polish

Boots No7 Speed Dry Nail polish in Beanie

Boots No7 Speed Dry Nail polish in Beanie

Boots No7 Speed Dry nail polish in Beanie is amazing! This is love….

The colour is a fabulous mushroomy beige colour – it is an obvious copy of Chanel’s Particuliere – but this one is even better than Barry M Mushroom nail paint. I’ve found that some of these mushroomy coloured nail polishes are a little bit too yellowy.

The texture of this nail polish was very good as well – it goes on evenly and smoothly so you get a perfect opaque finish with just two coats of nail polish.

You can buy Boots No7 Speed Dry Beanie nail polish here at

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  1. Exactly what i’d been looking for! I read your review, went out and purchased this nail polish and received compliments all night on the colour. It drys so quickly too. Very pleased.

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