I’ve been using a fabulous new face cream range from Vichy for the last couple of months – Vichy Idealia smoothing and illuminating cream. And I have to say  it’s definitely now a permanent fixture of my beauty regime.

I’ve got fairly normal balanced skin, but have found as I’ve got older that my skin is often quite dull – and especially with the long drawn out winter we’ve had!


Vichy Idealia smoothing & illuminating cream

To formulate this new range, on behalf of Vichy Laboratories, L’Oreal research undertook a study across 4 countries with hundreds of women in all age groups and ethnicities, and have identified an anti-aging marker – the loss of ideal skin. They don’t mean just wrinkles and loss of firmness but the maintenance of even, smooth and luminous skin.

On the back of this research, Vichy recently launched Idealia, their first skincare range aimed at helping restore the behaviour of healthy looking skin for a more even skin tone and texture.

And for the science bit? Vichy Idealia has DRM Bright and LHA technology – the first formula to act on all layers of skin to reduce redness and blemishes. It has been tested under dermatological control, is suitable for sensitive skin and like many of Vichy’s products, has been enriched with Vichy thermal spa water to sooth, fortify and regenerate sensitive skin.

The cream itself is a lovely creamy, fresh formula and is thick enough to give a good moisturising finish without being at all greasy. It’s actually really silky and my face has definitely welcomed the pampering. My skin has perked up and I haven’t had to pile on the foundation like I usually do during the winter months!

At £29.99 it’s a bit of a splurge but a little goes a long way so it does last.

Vichy Idealia is available in bigger Boots stores.