When I think of Deep Heat, I’m reminded of that strong smell usually associated with sporting injuries! I was surprised to see some new products from Deep Heat that are designed to help to relieve daily stress and muscle tension and provide warming relief. The range is called Deep Heat Muscle Rescue and although there is a very slight undertone of that infamous Deep Heat smell, they actually have a really lovely relaxing aroma.


Deep Heat Muscle Rescue

Made with naturally active ingredients to ‘relax your body and mind’, the new products are:

  • Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream – a warming cream designed to help ease tension in stressed muscles. It contains a combination of vanilla and rosemary to give gentle, soothing warmth, with a pleasant herbal aroma. It has a soft sponge applicator for massage – and after a long week at the office when my neck and shoulders are usually really achy, this cream is easy to apply and the tingly heat really soothed my muscles.
  • Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak – a bath additive specially formulated to ease daily stress, aches and muscular tension. The key ingredients include electrolyte minerals (which help to hydrate the body and help to prevent cramp) and rosemary, patchouli and orange essential oils. This not only gives you very relaxing bath, but the essential oils leave your skin delightfully soft.

The Deep Heat products are available at chemists and supermarkets nationwide.