Selena Gomez’s perfume – check out that lid!

Selena Gomez has released her debut perfume and the bottle is quite simply, a wee bit odd!

Selena Gomez's perfume

Selena Gomez’s perfume

There has definitely been a trend of late for kooky perfume bottles, Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Katy Perry and even Selena’s ex Justin Bieber all have relatively interesting perfume bottle design, but it’s the lid of Selena’s perfume that I find a bit strange. It’s very odd with the 3D metallic lips on the end of bendy wires popping out the top!

Selena Gomez's perfume

Selena Gomez’s perfume lid

The packaging is actually quite elegant, and the perfume inside is a sweet fruity fragrance.

Selena Gomez's perfume

Selena Gomez’s perfume

The only place I’ve seen Selena Gomez perfume for sale in the UK is at The London Perfume Company, but I’ve never ordered from them, so can’t vouch for their service sorry!



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  1. I got mine from the london perfume company and can vouch for them! I love this perfume :)

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