Over on P&P NZ, Emma has shown us the new Mariah Carey OPI range. There are 8 new OPI polishes in the collection, including 4 that use OPI’s new Liquid Sand™ finish – polish that dries to a textured matte finish infused with reflective glints of light.


OPI Mariah Carey range

With a regular finish, the first 4 in the range…


OPI Mariah Carey range

1. OPI Anti-bleak nail polish
2. OPI Pink yet Lavender nail polish
3. OPI Sprung nail polish
4. OPI A Butterfly Moment nail polish

The next four polishes in the collection are the ones with the new Liquid Sand™ finish;


OPI Mariah Carey range

5. OPI The Impossible nail polish
6. OPI Can’t Let Go nail polish
7. OPI Get Your Number nail polish
8. OPI Stay the Night nail polish

I’ve got my hands on a couple of the polishes to show you. First up a regular finish, with Anti Bleak.


OPI Anti Bleak

Anti Bleak is a dark creamy purple shade. I’m not usually a huge fan of purple shades but this is a really nice sleek shade, with pretty good coverage with only 2 coats.

Next up is Stay The Night, with a Liquid Sand™ finish…


OPI Stay The Night Liquid Sand

I have to say I was dubious about this textured range – and I have to admit, the jury is still out!  It goes on easily like a glitter polish, but not sure the rough finish really does anything for me. I’ve taken a sideways shot so you can see the texture – it’s not actually as rough as I thought, and you can see in the pic below the extent of the texture.


OPI Stay The Night Liquid Sand

OPI can be bought online at Lena White.