I got a lovely wee package of three of the NIVEA lip butters today – lovely creamy, moisturising balms. I am very fussy with lip balm and these ones definitely make the cut!

There three NIVEA lip butters I tested are:

  • Vanilla & Macadamia lip butter – a rich creamy vanilla scented lip balm
  • Caramel Cream lip butter – a sweet, yummy lip balm. Caramelly, but with a slightly fruity undertone – this one is my favourite!
  • Unscented – I’m sure you can work this one out ;)
NIVEA lip butters

NIVEA lip butters

The new NIVEA lip butters are formulated with NIVEA’s ‘Hydra IQ deep moisture technology’ and also have shea butter, almond oil and vitamin e to help condition and calm even the driest chapped lips.

I love the consistency of these NIVEA lip butters, they’re nice and creamy, but not greasy and they’re not at all watery; they have good staying power. I quite often find that I get a really dry throat from some lip balms (in particular The Body Shop lip balms have me coughing all day!), but there was no sign of a scratchy dry throat with the NIVEA lip butters.

You can buy NIVEA lip butters online at boots.com and they cost £2.25 each.