I attend a fab press event last week at the West London salon of Tatiana Hair Extensions. The lovely Tatiana has been providing an innovative approach to hair extension in her busy salon since 2008. Sourcing the human hair from her native Russia, she’s done away with the damaging glue extension and uses micro rings as part of her tailored and personal service to each client.

I’ve never had hair extensions myself, although a lot of what I’ve heard and seen over the years have shown me it’s difficult to get them right – for them to look natural, not tacky and not damage your hair. Tatiana’s approach has ensured her clients locks remain in great condition.

Tatiana Karelina

Tatiana Karelina

Tatiana has built a loyal client base, including a number of celebrities – Gemma Collins from the Only Way is Essex had been in the salon that afternoon for some pampering and left with full and luscious locks.

Tatiana with Gemma Collins

Tatiana with Gemma Collins from TOWIE

To give me a taster of human hair extensions, Tatiana made me a hair braid. The hair looks and feels just like my own – probably much better condition too! The colour matching is great, and it has made me very tempted to make the investment in hair extensions in the future.


Tatiana Hair Extensions – Braid

To find out more about Tatiana hair extensions, visit Tatiana online.