We all know Katy Perry loves a good novelty manicure, just a few days ago Sarah showed you the pics of Katy Perry’s Daria manicure and today here’s a pic of Katy Perry’s Obama manicure as well as all the details from Minx, who created the nails!

Katy loves twitter as much as she loves her crazy nails and true to form she tweeted this pic of her ridiculously cute, patriotic Obama nails by Minx that she wore to perform at an Obama fundraiser on Sunday!

Katy Perry's Obama manicure

Katy Perry’s Obama manicure

Katy’s Obama nails are from a new Minx collection, called (appropriately!) The Minx Presidential Collection and they were applied by celebrity nail-stylist to the stars Kimmie Kyees. (She also did Katy’s Russell Brand manicure, back in the days their love was strong enough to be expressed in novelty nails).

The Minx Presidential Collection is one of an ongoing series of limited edition Minx collections that can be bought online at The Tasting Room over on the MinxNails.com site (and nowhere else!).

Here is the full set of Obama nails, with the flag flying in the background (lol) and there are also other designs depending on your political preference!

Katy Perry's Obama manicure

Obama nails!