With the UK going all out with Patriotism for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend, I thought I would do the same with some of our homegrown beauty brands. So here are my 5 favourite British beauty brands….


Founded in 1834, Rimmel is a British institution and one of the UK’s favourite cosmetic brands. Rimmel products can be bought across the globe and with the strapline of ‘Get the London Look’ and the Union Jack as part of their brand & packaging, Rimmel maintains its British roots. Rimmel have also used the iconic British model Kate Moss among others in recent years. The makeup is good quality, fun and very affordable. My favourite Rimmel product has to be 60 Second Nail polish.

The Body Shop
The BodyShop was found in 1976 by the late Anita Roddick and is renowned for their strong stance on anti animal testing on cosmetics and toiletries. They now have over 2,000 high street stores in the UK as well as an online store. The hair, face and beauty products are all ‘inspired by nature’. In practice this means they all look and smell absolutely delicious! My favourite products are anything cocoa butter related, the body mists (great alternative to expensive perfumes) and gorgeous vitamin E moisturizer.

Boots No. 7
Launched by Boots 77 years ago, No. 7 is one of Boots skincare and cosmetic ranges. They’ve had many relaunches over the years, but have remained a classic beauty line. They have multiple skincare products for different types of skin and it remains an affordable range, competing with more expensive luxury brands. I am forever getting discount vouchers for the No.7 range and what a better range of products to spend your hard earned Boots loyalty points on! My favourite products are the Protect and Perfect face day cream and Beauty Serum.

Now this is the company that made a product which literally changed my life! GHD was founded in 2001 and I actually can’t even remember what life was like pre-GHD hair straighteners (well I can, but I’ve blocked out those frizzy hair memories!) My first pair of GHD hair straighteners turned me from a frizzy haired student into a sleek haired, party ready princess! The brand has grown lots in the last decade since launch and the product range is now vast, from straightners, stylers, curlers, sprays and creams.

John Frieda
Although not strictly a British brand, as most of John Frieda‘s products were created in the good old US of A when he relocated there in the late 80’s – but Mr Frieda is a homegrown Brit nonetheless. And his range of Frizeease products revolutionised us unlucky lasses with frizzy locks. The range has grown to include shampoos, conditioners, styling products and even hair dyes. My favourite products are Frizzease Secret Agent and Hair Serum.