Today was my first day ever at New Zealand Fashion Week, and the first show that I went along to was the Starfish show – now while the clothes were lovely, obviously what I’m most interested in at New Zealand Fashion Week is the hair and makeup.

I have to say though, the Starfish collection was right up my alley! A fabulous mix of sheer floaty fabrics, prints and texture – beautiful!

Starfish Hair and makeup at New Zealand Fashion Week 2011

Starfish models on the runway at New Zealand Fashion Week 2011

Now my pics are bit dodgy sorry – those blimmin models walk so fast and I’m def no fashion photographer! For me it was all about the hair at Starfish: big, backcombed matte-looking beehive ponytails, accented with cute headbands.

Starfish hair at New Zealand Fashion Week 2011

Hair at the Starfish show New Zeland Fashion Week 2011

The makeup for the show was all from The Body Shop and I’m really sorry, but I didn’t manage to get a decent picture of it! The makeup was smoky eyes, perfect skin with luminous cheekbones and really pale lips.

You can see in the pics that the hair is quite matte-looking (as well as being fabulously big) – the easiest way to get hair that big and that matte is definitley dry shampoo and teasing. I think I might try out a slightly more subtle version on myself using good old Batiste – I need to buy a can of the Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo though I think, because regular dry shampoo shows up quite badly in my new ginger hair!