I’ve been all about the hair recently… I recently changed my blonde hair to a quite dark red and now am itching to change it again, so have been on the look out for styles and colours I really like, so I thought I’d show you my five favourite 2011 celebrity hairstyles…

First up (and there’s probably no surprises here!) is my ginger-speration Drew Barrymore with her gorgeous long bright auburn red hair.

Drew Barrymore with red hair

Drew Barrymore with red hair

This hair made me want to change my hair and I’m really glad I did – you can check out my before and after pics in my new Ginger Hair post.

Next up is Jesse J – this girl is just so smoking hot! And her hair… swoon!

Jessie J's Black bob hairstyle

Jessie J’s Black bob hairstyle

Look at that perfect glossy black bob – just stunning. Admittedly not the easiest look to pull off, but even in non-promo (the pic above is a promo shot from the Jessie J website) shots Jessie J’s hair looks amazing. It just goes so perfectly with that beautiful porcelain skin and bright blue eyes.

Third on the list (and this list is in no particular order!) is Nicole Richie with her fancy ponytail.

Nicole Richie up-do fancy ponytail

Nicole Richie’s up-do (fancy ponytail)

Yes, this is a ponytail (usually a bit of a yawn-worthy standby) but I love this! So sleek, so shiny and as any blonde will tell you it’s veeeery difficult to make blonde hair shiny! The pics of Nicole are from Femail.

Next Rihanna and her bright red cork-screw curls.

Rihanna's red corkscrew curls

Rihanna’s red corkscrew curls

These corkscrew curls are a-MAY-zing – I absolutely love them. I almost got the same effect when I tried creating curls with tinfoil (actually pretty fab results), so I might have to give it a go again. These corkscrew curls are a step down from the crazy (but still incredibly cool) Sideshow Bob hair she was wearing this year as well

The Rihanna pic is from Just Jared

Last up is Fearne… Fearne and her awesome long bob.

Fearne Cotton's long blonde bob

Fearne Cotton’s long blonde bob

It pains me to say it, because I find Fearne so unbelievably annoying, but this long blonde bob is so beautiful. In fact I think it might be my next hairstyle…

The Fearne pic is from Holy Moly