Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick ‘Red Kiss

Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick ‘Red Kiss

I really fancied a bit of Hollywood beauty glamour for a wedding I attended recently so went on the hunt for a red lipstick.

I discovered Avon have a range called Moisture Seduction Lipstick whereby the lip colour has shots of hydrating moisturiser running through them to keep your lips luscious and dewy. Mmmm this sounded like my kind of lipstick. I have a red lipstick already from Dior but I found that it really dried my lips out and so the colour appeared dull and uneven.

I picked Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick in ‘Red Kiss’ for my quest for red –carpet beauty and I wasn’t disappointed. Angelina Jolie eat your heart out!!!!

marble effect of lipstick and moisturiser

This was bright enough in colour to get me noticed but quite a dark red lipstick so it didn’t appear garish (or cheap). The lipstick applied smoothly. I used brush for an even and long lasting finish but this wasn’t absolutely necessary.

The moisturiser in Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick ‘Red Kiss’ give the lipstick a marble effect – but on application was lovely and creamy giving a nice and even end finish. It really stained my lips which meant I didn’t have to keep reapplying.

the end result!

I would recommend getting a lip pencil in the same shade as Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick ‘Red Kiss’ to get a nice shape to your lips, it is needed with such a dramatic lipstick colour.

I really was pleased with this red lipstick. I felt glamorous but fun – and I got LOTS of compliments on the day! Hey we all love a bit of attention don’t we, and Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick ‘Red Kiss’ is definitely a way to get it!

Avon Moisture Seduction Lipsticks are good if you are looking for colour which still keeps lips feeling soft with a dewy finish.

Oh and what’s more… Avon are offering a £3.50 saving on Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick ‘Red Kiss’ on their website at the moment. Its £5.00 instead of £8.00

Bargain. Enjoy ladies.