Australis have released an eyeshadow primer as a part of their gorgeous Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition make-up collection. This eyeshadow primer is specifically designed to use on your eyes under your eyeshadow (no surprises there!)

Australis Eyeshadow primer

Australis Eyeshadow primer

The whole idea of the Australis Eyeshadow primer is that it is designed to extend the wear and enhance the colour of your eyeshadow. It has an oil controlling formula with silica to make sure that your eyeshadow really sticks!

Australis Eyeshadow primer applicator and swatch

Australis Eyeshadow primer applicator and swatch

How to use Australis Eyeshadow Primer…

So what’s this eyeshadow primer actually like? The primer is a creamy consistency and it applies really easily and smoothly to your eyelids – it doesn’t drag at all. You cover your eyelid, wait 30 seconds and then you’re all good to go with your eyeshadow…

After the 30 seconds is up, if you touch the primer on your eyelids it feels dry but slightly sticky to the touch. You can definitely feel that you have something on your eyelids when you apply you eyeshadow, it’s slightly more difficult to get it on!

Eyeshadow after a full day of wear L- no primer, R- with Australis eyeshadow primer

Eyeshadow after a full day of wear L: no primer, R: with Australis eyeshadow primer

The results…

Wow! You can see in the pictures, the difference wearing the primer under my eyeshadow made.

In these pics I was only wearing one shade of eyeshadow (my super subtle work eyeshadow!) – if you’re wondering what it is, it’s one of the Bourjois Little Round Pot eyeshadows – no. 5. This is my eyeshadow after a full day of work so I put my make-up on at 7.30 in the morning and both photos (with eyeshadow primer and with no eyeshadow primer) were taken at about 9.30 at night.

Without Australis eyeshadow primer my eyeshadow has creases and probably more noticably, my mascara is all over my eyelid – what a mess! With the Australis eyeshadow primer my eyeshadow looks nearly as good as it did when I put it on first thing in the morning! Freaking fantastic!

I’ve been wearing the Australis eyeshadow primer everyday since and wore it with a heavily made up eye on Saturday night and it was just as good! I can’t say enough good things about this eyeshadow primer… it’s one of those things that I had never even thought about using as well – so thank you very much to the lovely ladies at Australis who sent it to me!

I have already shown you the Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition eyeshadow and I have a few more bits from the Australis Paparazzi Perfect make-up collection that I will show you as soon as I can!

Australis Eyeshadow Primer costs $16.50 and you can buy in New Zealand from Farmers and pharmacies everywhere.