Just a super quick post to let all of the non-UK readers know that for 1 week only lookfantastic.com are offering free international shipping – there’s no minimum order value and there’s no fuss, you just check out as normal without having to use any codes etc… and the international shipping is free! (Btw if you live in the UK you’re lucky enough to get free shipping all the time!)


Free international shipping for one week only

Seeing as I’ve just moved to New Zealand, there are a few brands that are a) a bit tricky to get your hands on and b) a wee bit expensive if you can find them and I’ve also had to leave 3/4 of my nail polish collection in London (waiting for it to be shipped over),  I thought I’d take advantage of the free international shipping offer and buy a few new polishes…

So… I chose

Butter London Cheeky Chops nail polish – a bright creamy yellow polish, Butter London Minger nail polish – a bright orange polish and the Essie Spring 2011 mini nail polish collection – 4 cute pale pastel mini polishes.

All-in-all it cost me £39 for 6 new polishes to be sent all the way from England to New Zealand – bargain I’d say! As soon as they arrive I’ll be sure to do the swatches to show you all!

lookfanastic.com are an official OPI stockist and they have the Texas nail polish collection and the Katy Perry nail polish collection as well as a whole lot more OPI to buy online!

Of course lookfantastic don’t only do nail polish, they have a huge, huge, huge range of all sorts of beauty goodies to get your hands on, so if you’re outside of the UK I’d pop over now and see what takes your fancy.

Who knows, maybe if we all buy enough with the free international shipping, they’ll make it a permanent fixture ;)

So be quick and pop over to lookfantastic.com to take a peek, because the free international shipping offer finishes on the 7th of March.