I’ve been absolutely raving about Miki nail polishes recently (you can see what I’ve got to say in these two posts: Miki mini nail polish and Miki bright red & mint apple green nail polish), so when I saw Miki lip gloss I decided to give them a go…

Miki lip gloss

Miki lip gloss

I bought 3 pink Miki lip glosses (maybe a little over the top!) for $2.50 each… a pale plummy pink lip gloss, a brighter corally pink lip gloss and a super pale candy floss pink lip gloss.

So… what are they like? The lip glosses are much thicker than my usual gloss (Bourjois Effet 3D lip gloss or Rimmel Vinyl lip gloss) and really sticky to touch. This means they stay on your lips really well, but feel pretty bad!! The smell of them isn’t really my cup of tea either – super sweet strawberry candy flavour, much too overpowering.

Maybe these glosses are for the tweens? I don’t know why but I’ve decided tweens must love sickly sweet fragrance…

So the colours…

Miki lip gloss swatches

Miki lip gloss

The Miki lip gloss colours are really pretty, quite subtle but with enough colour that you can see a difference to your lips. Unfortunately for me, while the colours are pretty and I can live with the sickly sweet smell, it’s the super thick, sticky consistency that just really puts me off these.

So, it looks like my Miki nail polish love definitely hasn’t extended to Miki lip gloss love!

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