Yes I know it’s cheesy and extremely naf, but I have given myself a love-heart manicure just in time for Valentine’s Day (I just couldn’t help myself!)

Red love heart valentines day manicure

Red and white Love Heart manicure

I don’t even like Valentine’s Day and the boyfriend and I don’t ever do anything special for it, so I’m not quite sure inspired me to do the love-heart manicure in the first place!

I used Nails Inc Plum nail polish for the base, which is one of the free Nails Inc nail polishes with Diet Coke that you could get from Boots (you may still be able to get these in-store at Boots?). Plum is a lovely rich burgandy colour, but I noticed since I first tried this about 2 weeks ago, the texture of the nail polish has become a little thick. This meant I used 2 coats of polish that were both pretty thick and ended up with little bubbles in the polish. Not so good!

Luckily the love hearts I painted on covered up the bubbly finish of the Nails Inc Plum nail polish. I painted the love hearts using my Sally Hansen nail art pen, which I’ve been going on a bit about recently – they are just so easy to use!

I bought mine in the States and am yet to find somewhere that sells them in either NZ or the UK, so if anyone knows where you can get these online or instore, please let me know!