In the hundreds of nail polishes that make up my collection I don’t have even one silver nail polish! (I did have one: Rimmel Your Majesty nail polish but I gave it to someone else – just wasn’t right). So when I had a voucher to spend at Farmers (a department store in NZ for those who don’t know!), I decided that a nice new bottle of Orly nail polish would be the best use of it, especially since Farmers are running a deal where if you buy a full size bottle of Orly nail polish you get a mini one free!

Orly Dazzle nail polish

Orly Dazzle nail polish

I chose Orly Dazzle nail polish – a silver foil nail polish. I’ve only ever tried one other Orly nail polish (Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe) and I really liked them, so I think it’s definitely time to increase my Orly collection!

Orly Dazzle is a proper silver foil nail polish, it actually looks like you have dipped your fingernails in molten silver – it’s just gorgeous! The first couple of coats seemed quite thin, so I started to worry that it wouldn’t be opaque on my nails, but after a 3rd coat Orly Dazzle miraculously became opaque, even and perfect! Unlike other silver nail polishes I have tried in the past, this isn’t at all dull – just very shiny, shimmery silver!

If you need a silver nail polish in your collection (and let’s face it who doesn’t!) make it Orly Dazzle nail polish!

You can buy Orly nail polish instore at Farmers (in NZ) and you can also buy it online at for £8.75