Today I am doubling up on the OPI! I’m wearing OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys nail polish from the OPI Texas Collection on my fingers and OPI Eiffel for this Color nail polish on my toes…

OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys

Suzi Loves Cowboys is a fabulously smooth creamy chocolate brown nail polish – it is a little sheer, so I’ve used 3 coats in the pic above and it is just perfect – if you don’t already have a rich brown polish in your collection that you absolutely love, 100% get your hands on this one when it comes out in February! It is beautiful!

Here’s my post on other OPI Texas Spring Summer nail polish swatches

OPI Eiffel for this Color nail polish

Now I’m really sorry about the foot pic (eew). OPI Eiffel for this Color nail polish is a really super dark purple nail polish with a slight shimmer. I got this pedicure on Christmas Eve and it’s now New Year’s Day, so the nail polish has had time to get a bit of wear and tear and you can see it still looks fab! Like most OPI polishes, Eiffel for this Color has a fantastic texture, it is a tiny bit on the thin side, so you can see on my middle toe in the background it is a little bit streaky. But this is only 2 coats of polish, so with 3 coats I’m sure the finish would be perfect.

You can buy OPI nail polish online at  lookfantastic for £9.95 and they do free delivery in the UK