Fearne Cotton Colour Nails by Day Gift Set

I was a very spoilt girl this Christmas, and one of my favourite presents was from my best friend Louise! She knows me so well and knew that a set of nail polishes from the Fearne Cotton collection was just up my street.

Cute drawer style box with skull and floral print

Suzume has already said how much she loved the Fearne Cotton Made You Look Made You Stare Eyeshadow collection and so I knew I was in for a real treat with my Fearne Cotton Nails by Day set.

Like the rest of the Fearne Cotton make up collection this comes in really cute floral and skull packaging which is a drawer style box.  It contains six absolutely gorgeous colours – each with a cute little emblem on the bottom. Often with nail polish gift sets there is always a colour you don’t like – this really isn’t the case. I love every single one of the Fearne Cotton Colour Nail by Day set, and can’t wait to try them all out.

My only complaint about this set is that Fearne hasn’t named each of the six shades, which makes describing them a little difficult, so I have numbered them in the picture to help out.

1. bubble gum pink, 2. baby pink, 3. light slate silver

1  – This is a dusky bubble gum pink. Not too bright that it is garish, but a real ‘pink’ pink! It’s warm and sugary and would be perfect with a tan!

2 – Light and delicate baby pink with a tinge of peach. This is girlie and cute and would be perfect base for a French manicure 

3 – A light gunmetal silver.

4. Raspberry pink, 5. bluey lilac, 6. jade green

4 – A deep and bold raspberry pink.

5 – This is a nice muted lilac with strong hints of blue to give it a real modern edge

 6 – Beautifully jade in colour with an ever so subtle glitter base to it. True Fearne style.

My favourite shade!

I chose to paint my nails with my favorite colour from the Fearne Cotton Colour Nails by Day collection – the bright raspberry pink. The polish is full of pigment and so you only need a couple of coats, however makes sure that it dries completely as mine did go a little streaky.

You can buy Fearne Cotton Colour Nails by Day collection and all of the Fearne Cotton make up collection from Boots