Feeling in a lovely summery mood, I decided it was time for a little bit of fun with my manicure this week, so I attempted a Daisy print manicure, using one of my Sally Hansen buys from the States; the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in white.

Daisy Print manicure

Daisy Print manicure

I started my Daisy print manicure with a base of the gorgeous OPI What’s with Cattitude nail polish from the OPI Shrek nail polish colleciton - a beautiful pale baby blue…

I then painted in the middles of each Daisy with Sally Hansen Orange you Fast! nail polish (I would have preferred yellow, but unfortunately my fave yellow nail polish, Zoya Creamy is still in a box in London waiting to be sent to my new NZ home!)

Then I used my new Sally Hansen nail art pen to paint on the little Daisy petals. The Sally Hansen nail art pen is fantastic! I’ve been so impressed with my Sally Hansen purchases and this is no different!

Sally Hansen Nail Art pen nib

Sally Hansen Nail Art pen nib

The big difference between the Sally Hansen nail art pen and the other nail art pens I’ve tried is the nib of the pen. This is like a regular felt tip pen and it makes using it just so, so easy. You literally just draw on you design as if you were using a normal pen. Fabulous!

Daisy print manicure with wear

My Daisy print manicure with top coat on the bottom hand and no top coat on the top hand!

The box of the Sally Hansen nail art pen tells you to paint on a top coat over your final design to set the nail art pen – well I put top coat on one of my hands and then had to rush out of the house before finishing my other hand. You can see the huuuge difference in the pic above! The nail art pen almost completely rubbed off the hand that I didn’t put top coat on (so make sure if you’re using these to remember your top coat!)

My Daisy print manicure was seriously easy to do using this nail art pen and I even got a couple of compliments from strangers today!

Sally Hansen Nail Art pen and Daisy print manicure

Daisy print manicure using the Sally Hansen nail art pen in white