Today’s nail polish is the beautiful (and fairly bling!) Models Own 25 Carat Gold nail polish…

Models Own 25 Carat Gold nail polish

Models Own 25 Carat Gold nail polish

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Models Own’s new nail polish, Gold Rush, it might not be jumping into my collection any time soon unfortunately as it is the most expensive nail polish in the world! A snip at £83,000 – yes that’s right, I haven’t accidentally left my finger on the zero button!

Well I think that the lovely Models Own 25 Carat Gold nail polish (a mere £5 a bottle) is a fabulous substitute – it’s a bright yellow-gold nail polish that paints on incredibly smoothly and dries with a gorgeously opaque finish with just 2 coats.

Models Own are going to release a ready to wear version of Gold Rush for the regular price of £5 and it will be available online from Models Own from mid December

You can buy Models Own nail polishes online at and the nail polishes cost £5 each, but if you buy 3 nail polishes you get £3 off and if you buy 5 nail polishes you get £7 off. You also get free postage and they package everything up in a lovely way!