This week the lovely girls at Boots invited me and Suzume along to a sneak preview of the new No7 Spring Limited Edition Make-up Collection which is due in store at the beginning of next year.

Boots No7 Spring Limited Edition Make up Collection

This is the type of make-up collection that makes me want to fast forward a few months so I can replace the dark winter tones in my make up bag with this fabulous new range.
The No7 Spring Limited Edition Make-up Collection is made up of a four colour eye shadow palette, gel eyeliners, lipsticks and nail polishes – it’s fresh, light-hearted and utterly gorgeous. The No7 Spring Limited Edition Collection has taken inspiration from the glamour and glitz of 1960’s St. Tropez. The first thing you will notice is the packaging. No 7 have ‘funked’ up for this collection – and it really works.

Lisa Eldridge, No7 make up artist and creative director said of the collection…

‘Inspired by St Tropez in the early 1960’s, the birthplace of the glamorous international jet set and Brigitte Bardot, the archetypal sex kitten, this collection focuses attention very much on the eyes – the key items being the three Gel Eyeliners and beautiful Eye Palette. The eye shadow quartet contains the prettiest washes of ‘barely there’ beiges, coral pinks, shimmering turquoises and sea greens all evocative of Cote d’Azur. When the strong liners and pretty shadows are combined with the pale pouty lip colours…the look is definitely more than a little 60s Riviera starlet’.

No7 Spring Limited Edition Eye Palette, £12.50

No7 Spring Limited Edition Eye Palette

This pretty little eye shadow palette includes emerald green, sky blue, beige and coral pink. The powder is soft and silk and the gentle shimmer in the powder gives your eyes a subtle shine. The colours are gorgeous and fresh.

No7 Spring Limited Edition Gel Eyeliners, £10.50

No7 Spring Limited Edition Gel Eyeliners (black, turquoise, navy blue)

These are my favourite products in the collection. They are available in black, navy blue and turquoise and can be worn for flashes of colour to accentuate the eyes or a braver wearer could use the turquoise as an all over eye colour shadow. They are nice and creamy to apply a smooth and silky line. My particular favourite was the navy blue which is a softer alternative to black and has an almost purple shimmer to it.

No7 Spring Limited Edition Lipsticks in Brigitte and Grace, £10.50

No7 Spring Limited Edition Lipstick: Grace, Brigitte

I just love the packing on these lipsticks – it gives No7 a modern makeover. They come in two colours; Brigitte which is a sweet baby pink or Grace which is a warm coral colour.

Brigitte is quite pale in colour so would only work on certain skin types but it’s perfect for those going for a strong eye colour. I loved the pale coral of Grace and will definitely be buying this in the New Year. They are both quite sheer in colour to provide a more natural and chic look.

No7 Limited Edition Nail Polish in Sugar and Spice, £7.50

No7 Limited Edition Nail Polish: Spice, Sugar

When I looked at these two nail polishes I instantly thought of summer fun – these are definitely a case of sugar and spice and all things nice.

Sugar is a sweet dusky lilac colour and Spice is an exotic coral which would be perfect for tanned skin (oh please hurry up summer).

No7 offered to paint my nails whilst I was viewing the collection, and of course I jumped at the chance. I chose Spice and was really happy with the results. It has a great bold pigment and smooth and glossy finish. My friend Emma was so envious she painted her nails with Sugar nail polish.

I really think that No7 have pulled it out the bag with this collection. It just screams summer glamour…and let’s face it, no matter how much fun Christmas is, we are all secretly dying for some fun in the sun!

The No7 Spring Limited Edition Collection will be available in Boots from 26th January until 22nd March – don’t miss it!