MoroccanOil hair treatment has been created using Argan-oil, an oil that has been used as a treatment for hair and nails by women in Morocco for centuries (apparently!)

Argan oil has a high content of anti-oxidants and is meant to naturally renew cell structure, increase hair elasticity and restore shine to dull, lifeless hair. MorrocanOil have developed their hair treatment as an ultra-light, non greasey formula that is suitable for all hair types.

MoroccanOil Tote bag, shampoo, conditioner and oil treatment

MoroccanOil Tote bag, shampoo, conditioner and oil treatment

To support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MoroccanOil have released a tote bag set that has a 250ml Moisture Repair Shampoo, a 250ml Moisture Repair Conditioner and a 25ml MoroccanOil treatment. I was sent a sample of the shampoo, conditioner and oil treatment to try…

I usually wash my hair using regular high street products and have long quite dry (definitely over-processed!) hair that I only wash twice a week. Needless to say it is a little bit dried out, when I do wash my hair I do tend to blow dry it and the makers of MoroccanOil claim that using the oil treatment will shorten your drying time as well as restoring the shine to your hair.

Well… I washed my hair using the shampoo and conditioner, both have a really, really lovely smell – really fresh and not too strong smelling. The conditioner is rich, but not overly so, but it means you don’t have to use too much of it to get perfect knot-free locks! After I had towel dried my hair I put in a tiny, tiny blob of the MoroccanOil treatment to my hair before I blow-dried it.

I was worried that the Oil would make my hair greasey and lank, but it left even my slightly crispy over-processed blonde hair soft and smooth without making it greasey… and best of all I didn’t have to wash my hair more often than normal.

Flatmate Jules also tried the MoroccanOil Shampoo, Conditioner and oil treatment and went completely crazy for it! She bought the MoroccanOil tote bag and raved so much about it to her boss, that her boss bought it straight away as well!

MoroccanOil made a noticible difference to Jules’ dark brown hair – it made it super glossy and sleek without being greasey and gave her really good volume as well.

One thing I did notice was, if I leave my hair to dry naturally usually it dries really wavy and beach-like, but when I used the MoroccanOil set of shampoo, conditioner and oil treatment my hair dried straight even without blow-drying it, so it’s not the best if you do want to have wavy hair.

You can buy the MoroccanOil Tote bag online from for £39.85 (saving over £18) and £1 from every bag sold is given to The Breast Cancer Research Charity. This is where Jules bought hers from and it was delivered the day after she bought it! The tote bag is a limited edition so be quick!

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