Oh no I spoke too soon! On Thursday I said I hadn’t found a Models Inc nail polish that I didn’t like… well unfortunately I’ve now found it – Models Own Lime Light nail polish…

Models Own Lime Light nail polish

Models Own Lime Light nail polish

Models Own Lime Light is a bright green nail polish that looks almost fluroescent in the bottle and has a lovely lighter green swirl running through it – unfortunately none of the lovely look from the bottle gets transferred to your nails!

You can see in the picture the polish is so ridiculously thin and this is 3 coats! I gave up after 3 because I just couldn’t face the disappointment on putting on a billion coats of polish just to take it off again. The colour of the polish is much more yellow on the nail than in the bottle as well, which I don’t like.

I almost can’t believe it, because all of the 5 Models Own nail polishes I’ve tried have been absolutely amazing! Please don’t be put off Models Own nail polish :)

Here’s a list to all of the other Models Own nail polishes (all of which I really liked!)

Models Own Top Turquoise nail polish

Models Own Champagne nail polish

Models Own Orangeade nail polish

Models Own Fuzzy Peach nail polish

Models Own Pink Punch nail polish

Lime Light nail polish is just one of 80 colours of nail polish that Models Own have available, so no matter what colour you’re looking for, I would imagine you should be able to find it at the Models Own website

Models Own nail polishes cost £5 each, but if you buy 3 nail polishes you get £3 off and if you buy 5 nail polishes you get £7 off.