The Nail Doctor Build Me Up Nail Hardener & Ciaté The Speed Coat

The Nail Doctor Build Me Up Nail Harderner

The Nail Doctor Build Me Up Nail Harderner

I am not very good at growing my nails; a few things prevent this…

1. They are quite weak and flake easily

2.  I get drunk and bite them off. (Gross I know!)

I always look at Suzume’s nails and hear the little green monster inside me telling me off for not taking more care of them! And it’s true, I should….

There is nothing nicer than a perfectly manicured pair of hands, the perfect canvas to experiment with my beloved collection of nail polishes. And so I vowed to get them in shape and so far…. so long and strong!

There are two little products that have recently become my nails best – and ever-lasting – friends!

The Nail Doctor Build Me Up Nail Hardener

The Nail Doctor is a salon quality nail care range from the US.  I apply this as a base coat and its goes on smoothly and dries quickly. I have instantly seen and felt a difference in my nails. They are no longer brittle and feel strong and durable.

You can buy The Nail Doctor Build Me Up Nail Hardener from for £5.59, along with more of The Nail Doctor nail care products range

Ciate The Speed Coat

Ciate The Speed Coat

Ciaté  The Speed Coat

This is an award winning quick drying top coat from Ciaté! I am often impatient with my nails and never allow the polish to dry properly – which means the polish ends up smudging (annoying) or just chipping off easily (waste of time). This quick drying top coat is just that… it’s quick drying, and not only gives my nails a glossy finish…. but also makes them feel stronger.

You can purchase Ciate The Speed Coat for £10.50 from

I still have a way to go until my talons are salon perfect, like Suzume’s, but they certainly look a lot better than a post-vodka & lemonade gnawing!

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