Here’s a pic of Jennifer Aniston on her way over to London for the launch of her first fragrance, called Lolavie and a promotional pic for the new Lolavie perfume.

Jennifer Aniston at LAX and in a promotional picture for her new perfume Lolavie

Jennifer Aniston at LAX and in a promotional picture for her new Lolavie perfume

Lolavie perfume is debuting in the UK at Harrod’s tomorrow (Wednesday) and Jen will be there… I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’m really super keen to smell JenAn’s new fragrance. As my nearest and dearest are more than aware of I have a secret love of celebrity fragrances… It all started with a bottle of JLo’s Glow perfume that somehow made it’s way to my dressing table!

All in all the celebrity fragrances I’ve enjoyed over the years are:

  • JLo Glow perfume
  • Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume
  • Kate Moss original perfume
  • Christina Aguliera (this is my most shameful – I’m not sure why! Sorry Christina)

The one thing I think all of these celebrity fragrances have in common are that they are all fresh, soapy floral fragrances – with the exception of Christina Aguliera, which was a bit heavier.

Now one of the reasons that I’m keen to try Jennifer’s new perfume is because when she was interviewed by Women’s Wear Daily in the States she said that she wanted a  “nonperfume perfume” that was “sexy and clean” and “floral, but not too flowery.” Sounds like my cup of tea! I like soapy smelling perfumes!

I don’t think i will be racing down to Harrods tomorrow, but I will definitely be hunting out Lolavie to try.

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