iPerfumer iPhone application

iPerfumer Fragrance Finder iPhone App

I was invited to the launch of a new iPhone app by Givaudan this week. For those of you that don’t know about Givaudan (don’t worry you are not alone), they are an industry leading perfumery house creating and manufacturing the fragrances in some of our best known perfumes.

I bet their offices smell lovely!

They just have launched a unique application for iPhone users called IPerfumer which they describe as a ‘tool to help individuals select their perfect fragrance’.  In a complete nutshell the application allows you to pick out the type of fragrances you like citrus, woody or floral, whilst also educating you on which of these notes are contain in the perfumes you already currently know and love.
Within your profile the tool asks you to rate fragrances you have tried before and rate them so it knows which you love…and which you think smell similar to a lavatory. (I can certainly name a few!!) Based on your profile, your likes and your dislikes iPerfumer will pick out a selection of new that are individual to you. As you discover new fragrances it encourages you to come back to rate them so it can adjust your recommended shortlist accordingly –  Fabulous!

On that basis it’s a great little app and free to download. A perfect tool to learn about fragrances and what notes they actually contain, plus also recommending new fragrances to try that are based on your own nasal preferences! However for me nothing beats going to the perfume counter for a good old whiff of the bottles.

Sadly even Apple aren’t clever enough to do this!

I like my scent to be fresh and fruity with a hint of floral. I told iPerfumer the perfumes I love (Marc Jacobs Daisy, Calvin Klein Escape) and those that I hate (Thierry Mugler Angel) and one of it’s recomended perfumes for me is Valentino’s Rock n Rose. It’s another one of my favs so top marks iPerfumer.