Wah Nails is a complete nail art phenomenon! Their site Wah-nails.com has a tonne of pics of their amazing nail art creations from their signature leopard print nails to completely bespoke fabulous designs – an example? A Spongebob Squarepants manicure – genius!

Wah Nails nail art - leopard print nail polish, strawberry print nail polish, zebra print nail polish. chanel logo nail polish, Minx floral, tropical design nail polish

Fabulous Wah Nails nail polish designs

In the pic above you can see their signature leopard print nail polish design, a gorgeous strawberry nail polish design, blue leopard print nail polish, a tropical sunset nail polish design (love, love, love this one!), a floral Minx design in the middle and a bespoke Chanel logo nail art design.
Wah nails has two locations; Wah Nails Dalston and they’ve recently opened a Wah Nails in the flagship Topshop store.

Wah nails World Cup nail polish designs

Wah Nails World Cup nail polish designs

To celebrate the World Cup you can get nail polish to match your nationality! You can see in the pic above examples of their very patriotic nail art – prices start from £30 for a fully fabulous set of World Cup nail art.

Minx have released  2 Minx World Cup manicure design as well – there’s a Minx St George flag design and a Union Jack design

Wah Nails Spongebob Squarepants nail polish design

Wah Nails Spongebob Squarepants nail polish design

Above is a pic of the totally amazing Spongebob Squarepants nail polish design – fabulous. You can see the artist at work creating these Spongebob nails on the Wah website

Prices start from £18 for the signature leopard print…and Wah Nails also do Minx manicures and Shellac.

All of the fabulous pics in this post are from the Wah Nails website

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